Why Can’t I Speak English?

I understand English but I can’t speak it. Did you know that the vast majority of those who start learning English use this sentence? Every person has a certain learning capacity, but faulty strategies can put you behind in learning and speaking a new language. In today’s article, we will look for the answer to the question “Why can’t I speak English?”.

Why Cant I Speak English
Why Cant I Speak English

Barriers to Speaking English

1 . Lack of Vocabulary and Grammar

The first of the major obstacles to speaking English is the lack of vocabulary and grammar. If you don’t know enough words to express yourself, it will be difficult for you to speak English. You also need to have basic knowledge of the language before you can speak English.

2 . Lack of Self-Confidence

Many people are afraid to speak in foreign language classes. First of all, you should remind yourself that no one can speak a new language fluently at once. No one in your circle who speaks English started speaking it overnight. It is perfectly normal for you to make pronunciation mistakes and grammatical errors at the beginning. Knowing this, when you start speaking, you will soon realize that your confidence is restored and you start to talk more comfortably.

3 . Postponing the Conversation

Postponing the practice of speaking until you can speak fluently will slow down your language learning. When you learn some new information or a word, you should reflect it in your speaking practice, and you should do English speaking practices, even if it is short, during the day.

4 . Lack of Listening and Reading Practice

If you want to improve your speaking skills while learning English, it is imperative that you expose yourself to English. In order to achieve this, you should do a lot of listening and read books in English. Reading and listening practices allow you to see how English is used in texts, which will help you speak more comfortably over time.

5 . Focus on Grammar

Consider your own language. Everyday spoken language is a little different from the information you learn in grammar education. Colloquial language is more relaxed, fluent, and simpler. This does not mean that you will not be fed by the grammar rules in the spoken language, but when you condition yourself to fully comply with the grammar rules, you can move away from the daily spoken language. Watching plenty of English TV series and movies, traveling abroad, practicing language in your online English language course will help you master the daily spoken language.

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