How can I learn Turkish

How can I learn Turkish?

If you have decided to learn Turkish, which is one of the most rooted languages in the world, we must first say that you have made the right decision. Today, Turkish is one of the most important languages both globally and socially. If you work in a multilingual company, you can be one step ahead of your competitors by speaking Turkish. However, when you speak Turkish, you can travel comfortably in Turkey, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and easily communicate with Turkish people. So what should you do to learn Turkish online? How can you learn Turkish more easily? Let’s see together…

Ways to Learn Turkish

Turkish, which ranks first among the most spoken languages in the world, is an agglutinative language belonging to the Ural-Altaic language family. The pronunciation of this special language, which consists of simple rules and is very easy to learn, is also extremely simple.

In order to learn Turkish, you need to start from the very basics as in other foreign languages. For example, Turkish is different from English in terms of the alphabet. Dotted vowels such as i, Ö, Ü and dotted consonants such as Ç, Ş are not found in the English alphabet, but these letters are in the Turkish alphabet. Learning these letters and their pronunciation before starting to learn Turkish will provide an important advantage in the process.

Another point you should know about Turkish is that there are pronunciations with very different sound characteristics. You can hear speeches in different dialects and various dialects in different regions of Turkey. Another thing you should know about the Black Sea accent and Eastern Turkish is that it is not a language that is read as it is written. In fact, there is no serious difference between written and reading language, but there are some differences between written and spoken language. Particularly, verb phrases are not read as they are written in spoken language and reveal some sound structures different from written language. As you begin to practice this different language, you will not only learn, but also be able to distinguish it as you listen to Turkish TV series, movies and songs, and you will be able to understand the difference much better when you chat with Turkish-speaking people.

Different linguistic patterns such as dialect, Aegean dialect and Central Anatolian dialect may surprise you. Although there are no word meaning losses in these dialects and dialects, there will be differences in terms of linguistic structure. Therefore, learning about dialects and dialects while learning Turkish will benefit you in your online Turkish learning process.

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