Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which platform will we use in the lessons and do we have to pay for it?
    We will use Microsoft Teams and it’s a free platform.
  2. How can I participate in the lessons on Microsoft Teams?
    We will send you an invitation mail before the lessons start. As soon as you join there, all lessons are automatically processed into the calendar section of your device. Afterwards, all you have to do is to go to the calendar when the class time arrives, and attend the lesson that day.
  3. Do we need to buy any extra material for the lessons?
  4. I don’t know my language level. Can you tell me?
    You can contact us to help you find your level and the right course for you. Just send us a mail to our address:
  5. How can I use ZOQLA to improve my language skills?
    You can choose a suitable program for you and join the ZOQLA family right away.
  6. How do I contact ZOQLA?
    You can reach ZOQLA via our contact page or email by writing to
  7. Does ZOQLA keep my email address in private?
    ZOQLA respects your personal information and does not share this information with any person or organization without your permission.
  8. What's your policy on spam?
    We don’t like it! And we don’t tolerate it.
  9. When did ZOQLA start?
    ZOQLA is a Language & Culture Academy formed with twenty years of experience.
  10. Who started/owns ZOQLA?
    For the information please visit ABOUT US
  11. Is ZOQLA free of charge?
    No, ZOQLA is not free of charge. You can click the COURSES to get information about our fees.
  12. What is ZOQLA and who is it for?
    ZOQLA is for anyone who wants to learn about language and culture. You will reinvent yourself by talking about different topics with the help of our experienced teachers.
  13. What is your refund policy?
    Before starting classes, we provide our students 15 minutes of free lesson to see our method and get to know the teacher. Once classes begin, no refunds will be made. If you have to stop class due to a medical condition or other serious problem, your registration will be frozen for a period of up to six months, during which time you may return to class.
  14. How can I sign up a course?
    First, go to the page of the language you want to learn. Select the type of course you prefer. Click the “pay” button. However, before making your payment, read the terms and click “I accept.” (Please contact us if you have any questions.)
  15. What kind of classes do you have?
    We have one-on-one classes and each lesson is 30 minutes. If you need any kind of different class you can contact us.
  16. Do you have classes for every age?
    Yes, we can provide language classes for every age in every level. We have class program for kids and adults, and also for organizations we can arrange group classes for organizations. You can click here for more information.
  17. Is there any discount?
    We offer a sibling discount to families who have two or more siblings enrolled concurrently at the courses. Families with two students at the school receive a 5% discount on the younger student. You can also follow us on Instagram for special offers.
  18. What kind of materials do you use in your lessons?
    In our lessons, we will use pictures, newspaper and radio news, cartoons, games, idioms, songs, movies, advertisements in addition to audio-visual materials, and we will learn the classics of the culture in which the language is spoken and follow the agenda, and we will gain your confidence by creating a natural learning environment.
  19. Does ZOQLA have any Preparation Courses, Classes & Training Online to earn a language certificate (TOEFL, DELE, IELTS, etc.)?
    Yes, we have experienced teachers for every certificate exam in every language. For more information, please contact us.
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